Yacht Charter in Tonga

Tonga's stunning islands have long attracted adventurous sailors who want to experience the beauty, seclusion and unique coral reefs that offer snorkelling and diving in absolute world class. The waters are protected from swells, the passages are short, and a secluded anchorage is never far away - which makes a yacht charter in Tonga ideal for the whole family. Enjoy a traditional Tongan feast, with more than 20 delicious dishes, followed by a Tongan dance in the flickering torchlight - all ways to experience the rich Polynesian culture in Tonga. Relaxed and charming - Tonga is, without doubt, a true tropical paradise.



Yacht Charter in Tonga - Vava'u Numerous islands surrounded by coral reefs and with perfect white sandy beaches are the main attractions on a sailboat holiday in the Kingdom of Tonga´s Vava'u archipelago. Relaxed, informal and with breathtaking beauty, Tonga an exotic sailing destination, far from the world's troubles. Easiest sailing in the South Pacific Traditionally Tongan feast on Hinakauea Beach Swallow Cave on Kapa Island Snorkelling and scuba diving in crystal clear water Miles of pristine white sand beaches Humpback whales and healthy reefs teeming with life Located in the fabled Pacific between Tahiti and Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga is made up of 171 islands, divided into four distinct groups: Tongatapu, Ha'apai, Vava'u and the Niuas. Nuku'alofa on the main island of Tongatapu is the capital of the elected monarchy. The jewels in the exotic sailing area by Tonga, the hilly and mountain covered with coral islands in Vava'u. Miles of white sandy beaches, coral reefs and crystal clear water, is to make Tonga to one of the world's best areas for snorkelling and scuba diving - the visibility is often 45 meters. The abundance of cosy anchorages, combined with the short distances between the islands, making navigation very similar to that found in the British Virgin Islands. The reefs make the water calm, while trade wind ensures good sailing weather almost every day. It is no wonder that Vava'u is referred to as a paradise for sailors and sailing holiday here will be loving memory of a lifetime. Sailing in Tonga - Vava'u A yacht charter in Tonga offers some of the easiest and best sailing in the South Pacific. Southeast trade winds are between 15 and 25 knots, may through September and the northeast trade winds are between 10 and 20 knots through the summer. The navigation between the islands is easy and straightforward, but be sure to keep an eye on the chart due. Many reefs. The tidal range is just over three feet. Tide and wind-driven currents are typically weak, except in narrow channels. A sailing holiday in Tonga suitable for sailors with basic skills in coastal navigation. The beauty and the unique character of these waters possess, attracts both experienced and inexperienced skippers back time and time again. The temperature is the year around 24 ° C. Highlights at Vava'u Tonga's beauty is famous all over the world. The wooded and often hilly coral islands surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches that are ideal for snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing. Picturesque anchorages, which are usually protected from the swells are usually no more than a few miles apart - but there is also open water to a pure Pacific voyage. The kingdom has a handful of resorts and restaurants on the islands, and in Beiafu, the capital of Vava'u. Among Tonga's main attractions are the friendly people who take pride in hospitality and have a sincere desire to make visitors feel at home. Tonga has been called "The Friendly Islands" since 1773 when British captain James Cook used the phrase to describe the Tongans he met. This honorary title is still well deserved. Humpback whales The waters near Tonga, especially in the outer islands around Vava'u, is home to one of the sea's most breathtaking creatures, the humpback whale. The whales grow to a length of 15 meters, and on a diet of krill, plankton and small fish, they are huge animals up to a weight of over 45 tonnes. The whales are known for their musical song and arrive in Tonga from Antarctica from the beginning of July - to give birth and raise their young. They stay till November when they return to colder waters. According to scientific studies, the population at Vava'u made up of approximately 450 animals, so it's usually not hard to get them to see. Eco-tour organizers offer snorkelling trips out to the islands as Foeata and Hunga where people can get close enough to swim with the peaceful struggle - an inspiring, fascinating and unforgettable experience.
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Sailing at Tonga - Practical Tips

Coin base

Tongan Pa'anga (T$).


Exchanges can be made at the banks. There is a 24 hour ATM in Neiafu City.

Credit Card Information

Credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) are accepted in a few restaurants in Neiafu City. In general, the shops in Neiafu do not accept credit cards, so it is best to have Pa'anga ready for restaurants. Local villages and bars – and for shopping in general.


The official languages are Tongan and English.

Cost of living

Prices vary between areas and from restaurant to restaurant. A three-course meal should cost around 12 dollars – and a beer approx. 2 dollars.


There are resorts on a few of the islands, and plenty of restaurants around Neiafu Harbor and the islands. You can order food or reserve a table via the VHF radio at most restaurants.

Traditional Tongan food usually consists of root vegetables and fruit, usually cooked with coconut milk. This is most often accompanied by grilled pork and fish – a specialty is 'ota ika', raw fish marinated in lemon and coconut milk.


Tipping is not expected - but tips will still be welcome.


All moorings in the area belong to either restaurants or charter companies - and in most places you will use an anchor.

Sailing information

Sailing licenses are not required to sail in this area, but we recommend that you take it with you anyway - if you are contacted by customs or the harbor police.

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